Our visions and values

At lifespin, our goal is to provide people with the best possible knowledge about their health. 

We do this by measuring human metabolic state using state-of-the-art nuclear spin-based technology.

We do this for as many people as possible ... for hundreds of thousands ... for millions

We gather experience on how risks, diseases, therapies develop.

We match each new sample - each new person - with these experiences.

We can show what risks or patterns of disease the individual carries, but also what therapies may be able to help them.

We want to be a solid building block in the foundation for the individual medicine of tomorrow.

Dr. Ali Tinazli, CEO

At lifespin, we have a unique opportunity to better understand human biology using cutting edge methods in physics and data science. These insights promise improved and new solutions for medicine as well as pharmaceutical research. With our data tools, we can not only develop new, digital biomarkers for the prognosis and diagnosis of complex diseases such as Parkinson's, but also comprehensively measure the physiology of humans.

Dr. Fritz Huber, CEO

New technologies create new perspectives. New perspectives create new opportunities. Seeing and shaping these is a challenge for us every day. We are proud to be able to move forward a little bit every day, together with all the people who share with us the same vision of rethinking health.

Dr. Roland Geyer, COO

At lifespin, we think outside the box - technologically, in terms of content and in our daily interaction. We're proud of our unique team, which proactively tackles this challenge and the opportunities it presents in a solution-oriented manner, bringing us continuously closer to our ambitious goals.