How can I get services and products?

The way we digitize biological material is unique. We are happy to support you with our services to make the most of your samples.

For low sample volumes, e.g. smaller scientific studies, we offer easy and fast access to all our services via our one-stop laboratory.

For large-scale digitization projects and use in clinics and large laboratories, we offer customized solutions ranging from the installation of a scan system to integration into your LIMS (Laboratory Instrument Management System) with capacities from several hundred to many thousands of samples per day.

Stay in touch with us and also benefit from insights in the future. All this simply via our cloud and IT solutions.

Service laboratory

Fast and convenient for small sample volumes. We will gladly digitize your samples for you.

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lifespin metabolome scanner

From a certain material throughput, the acquisition of your own digitizing system is more economical.

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Cloud- and IT solutions

You have digitized many samples with us and would now like to continue working with the data obtained.

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