How can we help you?

We collect metabolic data (anonymously, of course, with an ethical vote). From a very, very large number of people, at population level, also over time and also for various diseases and therapies.

The question now is: "How does this help the individual" ?

The answer is actually quite simple: in all areas of life! In assessing personal health, as well as in recognizing health risks or diseases. But also in the selection of therapies, the dosage of medications and therapy support.

"How does it help us all"?

Here, too, the answer is surprisingly simple. Digitization of metabolic activity at the population level results in a steadily growing database for patient-specific medical care. The familiar, unspecific guidelines become individualized ranges. Familiar guidelines become individualized care.


Currently, we primarily offer "research use only" (RUO) products for human medical research and pharmaceutical drug development, as well as clinical trial support.

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Customized solutions

You are working on an interesting question and need further data. We would be happy to support you with our technology platform.

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Cooperations create something new. New understanding and new possibilities. We cooperate with many renowned national and international clinics and research institutions.

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