What does it look like for us?

Get to know us by following a sample.


Yesterday I - the sample - was taken from my human, Mr. Max Mustermann. Well cooled, I was shipped and now arrive, just under 12 hours later, at lifespin in Regensburg.


Here I am now. Short waiting time. Now I am prepared, transferred into my measuring tube and provided with a barcode. A nice lady checks my condition again, scans my barcode and prepares me, together with many other samples, for the transfer to the NMR device.


Now it's time to go. Together with several hundred other samples, I am now in the waiting position of the NMR metabolome scanner. Shortly afterwards, a gripper picks me up and takes me to my measuring position. Now I am magnetized, pinged - measured. Wow - and barely a minute later I leave the measuring device..


On the way to the door I pass by a nice gentleman, who in the meantime already examines my digital spectrum and prepares it for further processing. To be honest, it seems to me that everything there is to know about me is in this digital image - but I can't understand it - at least at the moment. 


Now my digital existence begins. My just measured "incomprehensible spectrum" is now dissected into its components by rather intelligent software algorithms. Everything that constituted me as a sample is now named and quantified. Now I am precisely described. Now I can be compared with all other samples from the past, from today, but also from samples that will be measured in the future.


Again a nice gentleman - he now compares my data, with the help of big computers with hundreds of thousands of other samples. And this not only superficially - no very detailed, for countless samples. So he finds samples that are like me. These belong to people who have similar patterns as my human Mr. Max Mustermann. Unbelievable, what I could learn here about myself and my human.

Data shipping

So, that's it now - at least almost. Now another nice gentleman compiles all these findings, with the help of a computer, so that my human and his doctor can read and assess them. I hope all this knowledge will help my human to stay healthy for a long time.

I myself will stay with lifespin - in digital form and in the future I will help to classify every further sample a little bit better.