Our career

  • Fall 2016: The lifespin story begins during a canoe trip on the Danube near Kelheim. A casual conversation between the three founders led to the idea of using modern Big Data approaches to digitize the state of human health, making diagnostics as easy as a "Google search".
  • April 2017: This vision then became lifespin GmbH. Shortly after the foundation, we were able to close the first financing round and thus already ...
  • Project and commission our first "metabolic scanner" in mid-2018.
  • By mid-2019, we were already over 10 employees, had established a quality management system, implemented laboratory operations, and built the first database structures.
  • By mid-2020, we had calibrated the 50,000th sample and built a dataset of over 5 million metabolites at over 500 million relevant metabolic linkages. We succeeded in attracting high-level research institutions and started to understand the first disease patterns on a globally unique database.
  • By the middle of 2021, we had well over one billion relations in our datasets and initial experience of the benefits our approach generates for over selected 50 disease patterns.
  • Mid 2022 ... we are aiming for a Series A to further expand our product portfolio and enter regulated markets.