How do we find answers?

Our body, our metabolism responds in many ways to its environment and living conditions. As a rule, we are able to adjust to all these variances in our environment - i.e. our metabolic network adapts in such a way that we feel "healthy". 

When we are ill, we feel "no longer healthy". Often, this is accompanied by considerable adjustments in our metabolic network - just think of the state of mind during a flu-like infection. Here, the body must provide considerable amounts of energy, for example, to provide an increased temperature (fever) to fight off the infection.

In principle, however, this also applies to other diseases or slowly developing risks. Here, too, our body counteracts external factors (e.g. lack of exercise) but also internal factors (e.g. tumor growth). 

We record this "counteracting" and assign it to existing or incipient diseases.

What are the questions?

Each of us always asks himself the question: "Am I healthy?" or, sometimes "what is wrong with me?".

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How does mathematics help us?

To find individual answers we have to navigate in very, very large and multidimensional data spaces.

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How do we secure answers?

Mathematicians like to say: "Don't believe any statistics you haven't made yourself".

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