Where does the data we learn with come from, what does it look like?

One of the most essential characteristics of life is metabolism and its interaction with the environment. 

To understand how individuals develop over time, and the interaction between genetic and environmental factors, but also under the influence of disease, a deep insight into metabolism is essential.

Lifespin uses state-of-the-art, proprietary, nuclear spin-based physical measurement techniques (Nuclear magnetic resonance, NMR) to determine hundreds of metabolites from just a few drops of blood, for example. This is done quickly, cost-effectively and scalably, even for entire populations. 

Why is NMR the method of choice?

The NMR analysis methods developed by lifespin allow the simultaneous determination and quantification of all organic molecules in one sample.

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How does a metabolic profile originate?

At lifespin, the digitization of biological material takes place in two steps.

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How do I imagine a biological network?

The metabolism of an individual is shaped by its genetics, but just as significantly by its interactions with the environment.

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