Our cloud and IT based solutions: the fast access to our data sets

For whom?

You have digitized many samples with us and would now like to continue working with the data obtained. 

We would be happy to help you with our experts and software-solutions in analyzing the data.

Sometimes a higher-level view of the data is also required. We are equally happy to support you with our own data sets. E.g. comparative collectives, similarity and/or conspicuity analyses. etc.

 Procedure with expert support and/or software-solutions

To work with our experts and software-solutions to analyze your data, you will need the following:

  • Your request
  • Your lifespin digitization profiles (e.g. upload, cloud)
  • Your question

We analyze your data

Download incl. personal support from our experts.

Procedure with comparison data

To work with our data base you will need access to our systems.

Reach out to our experts with your question.

We will immediately submit an offer to you.



How to reach us:

Lifespin customer service; Am Biopark 13; 93053 Regensburg

E-Mail:  customerservice@lifespin.de