More about us

At lifespin, we digitize biological samples. We create the connection of "life" to the possibilities of the information age.

We record very many metabolites simultaneously in one measurement and thus create a "fingerprint" of a person or an organism at the time the sample is taken.

All these fingerprints help us to understand what influences people's health. Be it risks, therapies or many other factors.

We: We are a fairly young company consisting of physicists, mathematicians, biochemists and other natural scientists. 

All proven experts in their fields. 

All driven by the desire that "never again will a medical experience be lost" and "all experiences may benefit us all in the future."

Our visions and values

At lifespin, our goal is to provide people with the best possible knowledge about their health. 

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Our career

Fall 2016: The lifespin story begins during a canoe trip on the Danube near Kelheim.

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Our network

The "lifespin family" now consists of experts from a wide range of disciplines.

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